Ball Rail® Systems

Ball Rail® Systems

Primarily designed for machining centers and general automation equipment, Ball Rail Systems from Rexroth add more value to manufacturing processes thanks to fast, high-precision guidance and long service life. In highly competitive markets like Machine Tool this can offer critical efficiency.


Ball Rail® Systems

Ball Rail Systems from Rexroth provide the optimal combination of accuracy, speed, and load-bearing capabilities that serve as the basis precise machine movements and machining processes of all types. With outstanding performance characteristics and highest quality standards, Ball Rail Systems are nearly frictionless in operation, protect against potentially harmful contaminants, and consume up to 90% less energy than competing linear guidance systems. This type of all-around performance is crucial in popular applications like machine tools and pick and place robots, all the way to more specialized medical and laboratory equipment.

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BSHP Technology

Our runner blocks last longer and are more precise due to the smoother running characteristics of our patented High-Precision technology--see how we do it!


Originally designed for Machine Tools, our Ball Rail products are versatile and are utilized in other manufacturing operations:

  • Fixturing & part handling
  • Pick & place operations
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Medical device manufacturing
  • Laboratory testing

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Over 150 Ball Rail products including rails and blocks are available to ship in just one day from order acceptance!