Miniature Ball Rail® Systems

Miniature Ball Rails feature high load capacity and small dimenstions for smooth transport in precision engineering, testing, and processing applications.


High load capacity in a miniature size

The Miniature version of the Rexroth Ball Rail System has been developed specifically for the precision engineering sector, i.e. for the production of optical or electronic data processing devices, where rolling-element linear motion guideways of extremely compact dimensions and high load capacity are required. The linear motion guideways have equal load capacities in all four directions of load application.

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Miniature Ball Rails are ideal for applications that require absolute precision, but with versatile load capacity:

  • Optical Instrumentation
  • Medical Device Testing
  • Electronic Data Processing
  • Electronics Handling
  • General Lab Automation

GoTo Program

Mini Ball Rail Systems shiip in two days or less through the GoTo Program! Mini rails and runner blocks are available, ranging in sizes from 7mm to 15mm.