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Service Request for Linear Motion Technology Repairs


The actions listed here are required to complete an RGA request. For any actions that require a submitted document (PDF), you'll find links for those below.

1) Please fill the online RGA Form to request RGA # from Bosch Rexroth Linear Motion Technology Repairs. The link to the online RGA form is provided on this webpage.

2) A brief description about the problem with the product may be required in order to understand the issue for the product. Understanding the problem will help the technician repair the product.

3) A PO number for the material repair(s) is required to track the costs and material.

4) An evaluation fee is applied for all repairs sent in to Bosch Rexroth for evaluation. Please contact customer service or refer to our repairs pricing to send the correct purchase order (PO) value on the RGA form. Once the failed product is evaluated, our repairs department will contact you with the cost(s) of repair with a quotation. If the customer proceeds with the repair, evaluation fee is waived and repair pricing is applied to the purchase order (PO).

5) Please include all of your contact informationwith your RGA request - including name, company name, address, city, state, zip code, email and phone number.

6) If the product is out of manufacturer’s warranty and/or the product was repaired previously and is beyond repair, Bosch Rexroth may not accept the material for any further repairs.

7) An expedite fee of 15% may be charged for Bosch Rexroth repair(s) requests to be completed over current standard lead time. In addition, an expedited repair should not require any additional parts to complete the repair. These expedite requests should only be made in case of emergency breakdown situations. Moreover, prior Bosch Rexroth approval is required for any expedite requests.

8) Devices sent for repair and evaluation should not pose any danger of bacteriological, virological, chemical or radioactive contamination. Devices should be free from any contamination which may result in Hazardous Waste Disposal.

9) If claiming warranty on a Bosch Rexroth product, please refer to our warranty policy. However, all warranty claims must be accompanied with the original date of purchase along with original Bosch Sales Order number/customer purchase order number. Please note, without original purchase order warranty claims cannot be processed.

10) Non-repaired product will be held until such time as a disposition is received from the customer. Product will be held for a maximum of 30 days after quotation of repair or notification that product is not repairable.

11) If no response from customer is received within 30 days, customer will be advised and part will be returned to them at the customer's expense.

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