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Shaft Support Rails

Shaft Support Rails are designed to support the shafts on which open-type Linear Bushings run to prevent them from bending under load.

Shaft Support Rails are delivered in ready-to-mount sections of high dimensional accuracy and are specially designed to give high rigidity.

Their low overall height allows the construction of extra-compact linear motion assemblies.


  • Prevent shaft deflection
  • Ensure efficient running of linear motion assemblies
  • Eliminate the need for users’ own time-consuming and costly designs
  • Shaft Support Rails are specially engineered sections manufactured mainly in standard lengths of 600 mm or 3000 mm. They can be mounted end to end for continuous shaft support or cut to any desired length for spaced support
  • Ten different shaft support rails are available for shaft diameters from 12 to 80 mm. Intermediate shaft sizes can be mounted on the shaft support rail nearest in size to the shaft diameter. If in doubt, the next larger support rail should be used
  • Shaft Support Rails are also (and in some cases exclusively) available with ready-mounted Precision Steel Shafts


  • Plain rails
  • Pre-drilled rails
  • Inch and metric series
  • Assembled with case hardened shaft