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CKL Linear Motor Driven Modules



CKL Linear Motor Driven Modules

The compact, powerful and versatile CKL linear module with ironless linear motor offers a unique linear motion solution for applications where high dynamics and excellent positioning accuracy are required.

The new CKL Compact Module supports high load ratings and high rigidity; by integrating the ironless linear motor into the module, no mechanical drive elements are required to execute movement, making for a wear-free and zero-backlash drive that enables ultra-precise positioning and long service life.

A key part of Rexroth’s complete family of high-performance linear modules, it provides an excellent option for packaging and processing applications such as pick-and-place handling systems, feed units, loaders and palletizers.

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  • Applications & Markets
    • Pick & place
    • Assembly and handling systems
    • Inspection and analysis
    • Laser marking and measurement
  • Target Markets
    • Handling and assembly
    • Electronics and semiconductor industry
    • Automotive suppliers and OEMs
    • Robotics and automation
    • Special-purpose machines
    • Packaging technology
  • Key Benefits
    • Linear motor drive provides the best combination of maximum speed, long travel lengths, and high precision compared to toothed belt or ball screw drives
    • Pre-engineered and tested system shortens development time compared to integrating the individual components
    • Large assortment of switching and mounting accessories
    • Ready to use with Rexroth servo drives and controls
    • Single point for lubrication to linear carriage (2 port locations available)
    • High synchronization quality due to absence of cogging forces on the ironless linear motor
    • Dimensional compatibility with CKK and CKR modules allows use of the EasyHandling multi-axis connection components
  • Notable Features  
    • High speeds up to 5 m/s and accelerations up to 100 m/s²
    • Positioning accuracy ±5 µm/m and repeatability ±1 µm
    • Integrated optical linear measurement system in analog or digital variants
    • Freely configurable lengths up to 5500 mm and three different motor primary lengths per frame size offer ease and flexibility of design
    • External profile dimensions match the CKK and CKR modules with connection plate
    • Capable of multiple independently driven carriages