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Miniature and Compact Linear Modules



MKK 12-40 and MKR 12-40

Rexroth has expanded its already extensive portfolio of ready-to-install linear motion systems by adding Miniature Linear Modules MKK and MKR in size 12-40. Their compact design and high performance make the new modules ideal for small loads in classic handling applications and for tasks in the semiconductor and electronics industry.

With identical connection dimensions and the same range of accessories and attachments, these modules offer a choice between two drive options: ball screw (MKK) and toothed belt (MKR).

CKK 9-70 and CKR 9-70

Rexroth’s proven Compact Modules CKK and CKR are now available in size 9-70 to simplify the handling of lighter loads in pick-and-place, assembly and other automated applications. Users can choose between ball screw (CKK) and toothed belt (CKR) versions with identical connection dimensions, common accessories and mounting components.

The new modules boast an integrated connection interface on the carriage plate with Rexroth’s unique EasyHandling connection system . The positive connection technology saves users considerable time by taking the place of adapters and connecting parts which previously had to be custom fabricated.

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