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EMC-HD Electrical Mechanical Cylinder Heavy-Duty


This robust electromechanical cylinder was developed for use in heavy load applications. Designed as a completely modular system with an integrated planetary or recirculating ball screw assembly, it is designed for cost-efficient work, even under tough conditions.

Online EMC-HD Configurator

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Why choose the electromechanical solution?

  • Easy control and positioning
  • Accuracy / precision
  • Energy efficiency
  • No leakages
  • Space saving and easy integration in machine concepts
  • Fast start-up and assembly
  • Environmental requirements (water protection, fire prevention)


EMC-HD at a glance

Product Features Compact and robust housing Powerful Ball Screw Module Intelligent Servo Drive
Application Advantages
  • High quality seal protection
  • High IP protection class
  • Reduced footprint compared to hydraulic axis
  • Fast assembly (no piping)
  • Precise positioning, high control quality and dynamics
  • Powerful drive and long service life
  • High mechanical efficiency
  • Paremeterization of force, position & speed over the entire stroke
  • Easy to switch process parameters
  • Multi-position capability with high accuracy
Customer Benefits
  • Long service life
  • Wide range of applications, even harsh environments
  • Space saving & easy to integrate in machine concepts
  • Reduces assembly cost & time
  • Integration in precise manufacturing processes
  • Low operating costs due to high energy efficiency
  • Realization of multiple complex motion profiles
  • Cycle adaption flexibility
  • Reduced commissioning costs & changeover time


Application Areas

  • Pressing and forming machines
  • Positioning systems
  • Thermoforming
  • Injection molding and blow molding machines
  • Machine tool industry


  • Assembly and handling machines
  • Packaging and conveyor systems
  • Testing technology
  • Simulation equipment