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MKK Linear Modules

MKK Ball Screw Driven Modules

Technical Data



MKK Linear Modules

MKK Linear Modules with Ball Rail System and Precision Ball Screw Assembly for high feed forces, accurate positioning and repeatability.


  • A compact, anodized aluminum frame
  • An integral Ball Rail System
  • Carriage with one-point lubrication
  • The clearance-free adjusted Precision Ball Screw Assembly (also available without drive unit)
  • Modular design for easy switch and accessory mounting
  • An AC servo drive motor (available without motor and with other motor types)
  • Motor mount, coupling or side drive with timing belt for motor mounting
  • Cover provided by:
    - plastic strip on MKK 15-65
    - Corrosion-resistant steel strip to DIN EN 10088 on MKK 20-80 and MKK 25-110
    - bellows on MKK 35-165
  • Screw support for MKK 25-110
  • Control Units

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