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Precision Modules PSK



Precision Modules PSK

The PSK is designed for high precision and high rigidity. Rexroth also supplies PSK linear motion systems as ready-to-install axes with AC servomotors, integral brakes and matching controllers which support all the available control communication systems.

Easy installation and alignment are made possible by the machined reference edge on the main body. The single point lubrication system for the ball rail system and the ball screw assembly reduces maintenance costs to a minimum. Rexroth supplies the high-rigidity PSK in 40, 50, 60 and 90 mm widths with standard lengths from 100mm to 940mm.

Notable Features:

  • Floating bearing end block with double ball bearings helps yield high speeds
  • Cover options include a cover plate or a sealing strip which protects the system from contamination
  • Optimal running properties, high load capacities, high precision and high rigidity thanks to integrated Rexroth ball rail system
  • Precision ball screw drive in tolerance grade 7 with zero-backlash nut system
  • Rapid mounting and easy axis alignment due to machined reference edge on the frame
  • Low-cost maintenance through single point lubrication (grease) of the ball rail system and the ball screw assembly
  • Switches can be mounted anywhere along the entire travel range
  • Simple mounting of the PSK via mounting holes in the base or clamping fixtures
  • Easy fastening of attachments using threads and pin holes

Key Benefits:

  • Single point lubrication - which means reduction in down time & overall cost savings
  • Class T7 backlash-free nut system yields a high positioning and repeatability for your application
  • Machined reference edge gives you a faster and more accurate assembly
  • Available complete with motor, electric drive and control system all from one source
  • Integrated Rexroth ball rail system and screw drive which means it has high load capacity, high precision and high rigidity in a compact size
  • Stainless steel sealing strip protects internal components from contamination and debris
  • Applied properly the PSK's can meet Class 10, Clean Room requirements

Possible PSK Applications:

  • Liquid Dispensing
  • Pick and Place
  • Precise Positioning & Measuring
  • Light duty machining
  • Clean room applications

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