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SBL ServoBelt Linear Motion Actuator

SBL Linear Acuator

SBL Linear Actuator

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Limitless scalability for motion systems

The ServoBelt Linear Motion Actuator (SBL) provides machine builders with new levels of adaptability and customization when designing machines with linear axes, including: multiple independent carriage travel, limitless carriage travel, along with High Performance.

As a result from its unique fixed-belt design, the SBL provides new machines with the precision and performance typically seen with linear motors, but at conventional belt-driven module value.


What can we help you do next?

  • Applications/Markets


    • Machine Tending
    • Pick-and-Place
    • Palletization
    • Material Shuttling
    • Mold Loading/Unloading

    Ideal For:

    • Automated storage and retrieval
    • Secondary process packaging and labeling
    • Semiconductor wafer metrology (below plane applications)
    • Biomedical instrumentation
    • Laser cutting and processing
    • Large format printing and finishing
    • Injection molding
  • Key Benefits
    Key Benefits

    Key Benefits:

    • Backlash-free performance with high accuracy
    • Multiple carriage options on one linear axis provides higher design flexibility
    • Limitless scalability and independent carriage operation allows large format design translating to better value for each machine
    • Free selection of motor allows customers to use preferred option
  • Notable Features    
    Notable Features

    Notable Features:

    • Constant belt tension only around the pinion prevents stretching of the belt
    • Dual belt design uses a permanent belt bonded along the extrusion length combined with the active belt inside each individual carriage allowing near limitless travel distance and multiple carriage options for each axis
    • Speeds up to 4 m/s and accuracy +/- 4 µm per meter
    • Rexroth motors operate 200:1 inertia mismatches due to our high driveline stiffness