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SBR ServoBelt Rotary Motion Actuator

SBR ServoBelt Rotary Motion Actuator

SBR Rotary Actuator

Want to integrate the SBR into your next machine design, but don't know where to start? Our experts can help you with everything from initial sizing to final delivery. Click below to get started.

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Limitless scalability for motion systems

The ServoBelt Rotary (SBR) stage is a series of compact, high-torque rotary stages that offer through hole size and speed comparable to more expensive direct-drive rotary tables. With the addition of the ER-16 and ER-25 collet closers, the SBR Rotary is the easiest rotary stage to integrate into machines requiring collet closing functionality.


What can we help you do next?

  • Applications/Markets


    • Labeling
    • Indexing
    • Carousel Tables
    • Tool Switching

    Ideal For:

    • Testing and Measurement
    • CNC Machining
    • Secondary Packaging
    • Injection Molding
  • Key Benefits
    Key Benefits

    Key Benefits:

    • Economically priced stages with additional collet closers provide additional machine flexibility
    • Better performance and less downtime thanks to the longer bearing life
    • Easier to integrate as a result of the numerous through hole and motor configuration options
    • Continuous rotation of the stage adds application flexibility
    • More design freedom thanks to additional accessories like collet closers, and open selection of motors and controls
  • Notable Features    
    Notable Features

    Notable Features:

    • Large through holes provide useful passage of cables and other apertures
    • Angular bearing design supports higher load capacities

    Rexroth motors operate 200:1 inertia mismatches due to our high driveline stiffness.