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Linear Guide Ball Rail Systems - High Precision (BSHP)


Rexroth’s Linear Guide Ball Rail System - High Precision, or BSHP (Linear Guide Ball Rail Systems - High Precision (BSHP)), fills the role for applications requiring high performance guidance for linear movement. Originally designed for high performance machine tool applications, BSHP ball rails offers an impressive portfolio that includes running blocks with high-speed ceramic balls, all stainless options with FDA-certified plastics and the longest service life of any four-row ball system on the current market. The BSHP system sets the standard for high-precision profile rail systems.

Runner blocks and rails are freely combinable within the BSHP high-performance family, simplifying design, inventory, and support considerations. Early in the design phase, designers can plan to use either mid or high performance ball rail systems from Rexroth, as the overall dimensions are the same.


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  • Wide Configuration      

    Rexroth’s wide ball rail system with matching rail offers its users a high torsional load moment and high torsional rigidities, making it ideal for use as a single rail system. With it’s high torsional capabilities, the wide ball rail system is preferred wherever a high torque load capacity is required.

  • Miniaturized Configuration      

    Designed specifically for applications that call for ball rail systems of extremely small size but with high load capacity, Rexroth’s mini ball rail systems get the job done right. With a wide range of sizes ranging from 7-20 mm and widths start at 9 mm, you can be sure there is the right product for your company’s unique applications.

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  • IMS Configuration      

    Available in absolute measurement and incremental measurement options, Rexroth’s integrated measuring system (IMS) is the perfect addition to ball rail and roller rail systems. The compact design, sensor system pinned to the runner block and steel scale built into the rail are just a few of the space and cost-saving benefits the IMS can offer.

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