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Roller Rail® Systems

The RSHP Roller Rail system is a linear guide providing exceptionally high load capacity and rigidty resulting from the larger contact area of each roller element. Roller edges are specially machined to optimize roller run-in which ensures continuous contact and gradual load increase on each roller for higher transverse stability, positioning accuracy, and greater load capacity.


Superior Load Capacity in Harsh Environments

Rexroth roller rail systems were specially developed to give our customers the advantages that result in higher machine performance. The optimized RSHP design provides the smooth transport of extremely heavy loads with optimal precision and rigidity which is essential for the most demanding machine tool and industrial automation environments. The robust construction of these roller rails features smarter sealing options and lubrication delivery so you can stay operating at high levels, day-in anda day-out.

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RSHP Technology

RSHP Roller Rails improve the smooth operation of the carriages under the heaviest loads, while improving overall rigidity and speed.


The RSHP Roller Rail is ideal for use in heavy-duty applications, where precision and machine uptime is a requirement, including:

  • Machine Tools
  • Aerospace Assembly
  • Plastics Operations
  • Raw Material Processing
  • Industrial Robots

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