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AGK Ball Screw Unit


Quick, Clean and Safe

Maximum linear speed, protection from environmental influences and a secure, reliable operation are the performance characteristics all combined into one unit. Combined with Rexroth linear guides, application design freedom is available for every design.


  • Rexroth Precision Ball Screw (KGT) of various tolerance classes are combined with the ZEMES cylindrical single nut, available with backlash or as preloaded
  • To increase the linear speed with long strokes due to speed concerns, an adjustable quantity of screw supports are integrated into the unit, based on application data review
  • Steel or polyurethane sealing strips
  • Nut housing made of aluminum extrusion finished on all sides with double reference edges
  • Attachments on the carriage are possible with screws per ISO 4762, and via pre-drilled dowel holes in the groove of the extrusion or pedestal support bearings