CHoose is the new Compact Hydraulics configuration tool.

CHoose gives the user freedom to realize virtually any hydraulic circuit solution. By incorporat- ing Bosch Rexroth’s cartridge & compact directional (bankable) valve product lines, CHoose provides an unparalleled variety of product solutions.

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From concept to reality, this Compact Hydraulic assembly configurator allows you to CHoose everything you need to achieve success:

  • Drawing a hydraulic circuit from extensive drag-and-drop libraries
  • Select component options with the help of embedded datasheets
  • Actively check configurations with built-in error notification and warnings
  • Quickly lay out a preliminary manifold design in an easy-to-use interface
  • Report and export everything you’ve created in a variety of formats

Cartridge valves and compact bankable valves have never been easier to apply and propose. Whether you’re a sales person, application engineer, or OEM designer, CHoose provides you with the technical and commercial tools you need to streamline concept realization and reduce your time to market.

Contact us with questions, for product support or request a CHoose user license key (required to operate the software):

Our main office number: (847) 645-3770