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M200C Autonomous Mobile Robots

The autonomous mobile robot M200C

Compact and flexible – the M200C is the intelligent handling assistant you need for production line delivery and feeding small workstations.

M200C Autonomous Mobile Robot

Compact and flexible – the M200C is the intelligent handling assistant you need for production line delivery and feeding small workstations.

Made in collaboration with leading AMR provider Geek+, Rexroth’s M200C is a 200kg payload capacity autonomous mobile robot (AMR) with a compact size that allows it to work in narrow spaces and densely populated work areas. Using Bosch Rexroth’s ROKIT Locator Software, the M200C can autonomously navigate in highly dynamic environments without additional infrastructure.

With the M200C, warehouses and factories can automate manual material handling tasks, leading to improved efficiency and reduced risk of potential injury to the workforce.

M200C features at a glance

M200C Collaborative Safety

Collaborative Safety

To ensure safety and productivity when collaborating with humans in complex environments, the M200C includes a variety of safety features.

Key safety features:

  • Front and rear lasers + 85° visual obstacle avoidance
  • 5 cm low obstacle detection
  • 40m laser field range
  • ETL and CE certification

M200C Flexible Deployment

Flexible Deployment

Experience fast implementation without additional infrastructure and easier set up with less production downtime.

M200C Reliable Operation

Reliable Operation

With its 27Ah lithium battery, the M200C can run continuously via autonomous opportunity charging. Supported by SLAM navigation, count on the M200C to autonomously move through your factory or warehouse with impressive accuracy.

Key technical data


  • Size: 760*520*313mm
  • Moving speed: 1.5m/s with full payload
  • Max payload: 200kg
  • Drive mode: Two-wheel differential drive
  • Battery: 27Ah lithium battery, charge 10min + work for 1h
  • Position accuracy: +/-10mm
  • Safety: ETL and CE certified
  • Obstacle Avoidance: Front and rear lasers + 85° forward visual obstacle avoidance
  • Laser field range: 40m
  • Working temperature: 10-40° C

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