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AC System - Rexroth PST 6000


PST 600E - Compact power packs for stationary machines and manual welding systems

PST 600E AC controllers from Rexroth have a compact, slim design which makes them up to 60 percent smaller and lighter for applications involving stationary welding machines and manual welding stations.

PST 600 E AC controllers were designed for applications up to 500 kVA:

  • Air cooled/water cooled
  • Parallel input/output box with coordinated scope of functions
  • High-precision primary current control without external current sensor – no more cables and connectors
  • Optional slot for fieldbus module (Ethernet)
  • Attractive replacement for older welding systems

PST 6000 - the cost-effective AC series for standard applications

The PST 6000 AC controllers are mechanically identical to the PSI 6300 inverter series. This also provides a low-cost migration path from AC to middle frequency at a later time. Naturally these control systems offer you the same flexibility in the I/O area and all the control functions of the entire PS 6000 system.

PST 6000 AC controllers were designed for applications up to 250 kVA:

  • Air cooled/water cooled
  • Optimum weld result by means of primary or secondary current control
  • Competitive solution for standard applications