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Engineering simplicity

Engineering simplicity speeds up implementation

EasyHandling means maximum ease of configuration.

Starting right back in the engineering phase, the selection tools simplify and accelerate the design of the best possible handling system. Users merely need to enter a few parameters to generate recommendations which help determine which best combination of modules is most suitable. The engineering software furnishes technical component information along with detailed CAD data for the entire system, helping the engineers to handle queries.

You invest up to 70 percent less time and money.

Minimum assembly time

Minimum assembly time, maximum efficiency

EasyHandling also substantially reduces the amount of assembly effort. All of the mechanical modules have positive-locking connections. They fit together perfectly without the need for time-consuming alignment. Safety on Board technology built right into the drives simplifies the engineering process and ensures maximum safety for man and machine.

You invest up to 60 percent less time and money.

Rapid commissioning

Rapid commissioning gives you more flexibility

Configuration of the electrical components using the intelligent EasyWizard commissioning assistant couldn't be easier. All of the axis-specific electrical and mechanical data has been pre-entered for you. This reduces the amount of effort it takes to configure a complete axis. It only takes a few minutes to get up and running.

You invest up to 90 percent less time and money.

Low-cost operation

Low-cost operation combined with energy efficiency

EasyHandling Systeme come with intelligent diagnostic tools which calculate service intervals based on actual load and wear.

EasyHandling fully exploits the benefits of the Rexroth 4EE approach to energy efficiency throughout all phases of the machine life cycle. The drives are not over-dimensioned, the overall efficiency of all components working together is optimized and every opportunity is taken to reduce energy consumption.