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The shortest route to the perfect application


Engineering without the distractions

To support the user during component selection, EasyHandling generates recommendations which include information on parts lists, technical data and CAD drawings.

Fast assembly for immediate deployment

Form-fit connections ensure that all mechanical components are precisely aligned right from the start and fit perfectly together.

Commissioning in no time at all

The intelligent EasyWizard commissioning assistant virtually turns parameterization and configuration into child's play. It only takes a few clicks to get your system operational in next to no time.

Production efficiency

Rexroth provides an impressive set of intelligent application tools to boost effectivity. To ensure that maintenance intervals are maintained, the drive unit software provides the operator with maintenance instructions that correspond to the specific run times and travel paths. As a result, service life increases and there is less risk of malfunction.

Free to go where the market takes you

Get ready now for tomorrow's market developments. Open architecture is one of the impressive features of EasyHandling systems. Versatile, adaptable mechanical and electrical components give you the flexibility to react quickly and efficiently to new production requirements.