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Joint development between Rexroth and Bosch

The prerequisite for DHC is a full electro-hydraulic system, where the travel drive and the working hydraulics are electronically controlled.

With their Diesel Hydraulic Control DHC Rexroth together with Bosch has developed a new control strategy that maintains the accustomed high responsiveness of the travel and working hydraulics even under worsened load assumption conditions and reduced engine speed. DHC changes the traditional chain of effect and reports expected load demands in advance to the diesel engine. This takes place using matched ECUs from Bosch for engine control and BODAS controllers from Rexroth for the travel and working hydraulics. Energy is only provided if and when it is really needed. Exhaust and noise emissions are reduced. In addition, DHC makes it possible to compensate for the poor load assumption response of a TIER 4 final combustion engine.