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DHC - Diesel Hydraulic Control uses dynamics optimization and efficiency optimization to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

Dynamics optimization

Diesel Hydraulic Control offers the ability to overcome the work demand at reduced engine speed. DHC changes the chain of effect, since the joystick for the working hydraulics directly transmits the pending work requirements to the diesel ECU. This gives the engine time to prepare for the load. The combustion engine can provide the required power without noticeably reducing rpm speed. The intelligent power management function of the DHC can therefore compensate for the load assumption response of a Tier IV final diesel at low rpm’s to offer optimized system dynamics.


Efficiency optimization

Using the principle of efficiency optimization, DHC cyclically polls the demands from the machine driver and calculates from this the optimal operating point for the diesel engine and hydraulics. An efficiency principle especially developed by Rexroth controls the combustion engine and the hydraulics. Bosch know-how in engine management and Rexroth expertise in hydraulic control are ideally joined. This information is combined in a special DHC system map which is used to represent the high-dynamic demands with optimal system stability. The mobile machine always runs at its best possible operating point.