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Emissions limits

In early 2014 significantly tougher emissions limits from mobile work equipment will take effect. These represent enormous technical challenges for manufacturers. In order to meet the requirements of TIER 4 final, most systems will have to be redesigned from the ground up.

Increasing the pressure level

One significant approach to meeting these requirements is to optimize the efficiency of the system. The proper arrangement of the hydrostatic drives with high pressure pumps and motors can significantly improve the efficiency of the travel drive. This in turn makes downsizing of the diesel engine possible.


Increasing efficiency

Downsizing the diesel engine should result in identical machine performance while reducing the installed drive power. This means that downsizing the diesel and optimizing the hydraulic system are inextricably linked. A smaller engine would lower emissions and compensate for the difficulties raised by the Tier 4 final regulations. This is only possible however if the efficiency of the hydraulics is drastically increased and the available energy can be used even more efficiently.