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Electrohydraulic Hitch Control EHC-8

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Technology leap for lightweight tractors
up to 80 HP (59 kW)

The market for small tractors in the power range up to 80 HP (59 kW) represents about two thirds of all tractors produced worldwide. Bosch Rexroth has developed the first Electrohydraulic Hitch Control EHC for this power range. It meets the special demands in emerging economies for cost-effectiveness, functionality, and ruggedness. Tractor manufacturers can now reduce fuel consumption and significantly raise productivity, safety, and operator convenience.

All electronic and hydraulic components in the EHC-8 system - the control valve, the control unit, angular and draft sensors, and the control panel - were completely revised or redeveloped by Bosch Rexroth in India using tried and tested parts.

The EHC-8 automatically controls the preset working depth without any driver intervention. The greater precision also permits tilling the soil at depths which are not possible using wear-prone mechanical controls.

The Electrohydraulic Hitch Control EHC-8 also reduces slippage and significantly prevents the drive wheels from losing traction. This lowers fuel consumption and tire wear. At the same time it protects the soil. Furthermore, the active vibration damping system integrated in the EHC-8 prevents pitching on tractors fitted with attachments and improves handling and safety in critical situations.