EHC - The expansion levels


Flexible and future-oriented:
The innovative expansion levels of the EHC


Cleverly designed –
AHC automatic hitch control

The AHC software module automatically and dynamically regulates the ratio between position and tractive force. The EHC uses this to perfectly adjust to varying soil conditions. To achieve an optimal result only the required working depth has to be set. A manual override is still available.


Tracking the ground perfectly –
PRC pressure relief control

With the PRC hydraulic pressure relief control the front hitch follows the ground contour even more precisely to ensure that both the soil and the implement are handled gently. The operator can make the setting conveniently from the cabin, for either manual or automatic tracking. Furthermore, PRC simplifies attachment of implements like a mower, since the usual relief springs are no longer needed. PRC needs no pressure sensors or accumulator, thereby saving space and costs.


Lowering fast and gently –
HLS hitch lowering support

Simple to integrate, simple to use: HLS provides pressure to the hitch to lower it actively and thereby significantly faster. The advantages are realized especially when the hitch has no load and when ambient temperatures are low. The defined pressure also means attachments can be unhitched more easily – especially useful when catch hooks become jammed.


Double works better – EHC-dw
Gentle working of the soil, increased efficiency, and ease of use characterize the double-acting version of the EHC. Active, regulated compression allows the EHC-dw to reach the desired working depth faster and optimizes depth control – even in hard soils and changing ground conditions. The EHC-dw also makes hitch lowering and uncoupling faster and more convenient.