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Braking process

The motors swivel out proportional to the brake pedal travel. In this situation primary braking takes place by means of diesel engine drag torque, with secondary force applied via the pressure relief valves.

These pressure relief valves are used standard in Rexroth pumps for closed circuits. Here the pressure in the hydrostatic system built up by the motors is used for deceleration. The overall brake power is thereby clearly above the drive power of the hydrostatic travel drive, which means the hydrostatic installed power can also be used 100% for the braking function.

Summary: All HLB functions without additional, costly components!


The prerequisites are a hydrostatic travel drive from Rexroth with electro-proportional components such as a variable pump and zero swivel variable motors and a controller, speed sensors on the hydraulic motors and diesel engine.

Function features

  • Meets the legal requirements for operating and combination brake systems
  • High braking power with good metering ability
  • Best possible utilization of the diesel drag torque
  • Integrated over-revving protection for the diesel