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Single flow sharing system LUDV

With LUDV technology, the individual functions are assigned different speeds and directions of movement, and workflows are improved as a result. Moreover, with just one variable displacement pump, the number of components can be reduced and the cost of production lowered. The new LUDV flow sharing system combines the new RS12 control block with a redesigned version of the tried and tested A7VO variable displacement pump and a compact MCR motor.

The variable pump of bent axis design suitable for pressures up to 350 bar, allows a greater supply flow to the main block with equal installed power. The design of the rotary group and larger displacement angle provide greater efficiency for pressure levels in situations where working conditions present challenging power management requirements, for example digging out trenches and turning.

The new RS12 control block also contributes to improved performance. Its internal channels have been redesigned to further reduce the drop in pressure. The four-way control system, which is based on a closed system, can be adjusted to meet changing requirements more quickly than conventional six-way valves. This shortens the time required to develop new models and makes coordinating individual components much easier. On compact excavators in particular, the slew drive plays a decisive role in operator acceptance.

The MCR-X radial piston motor is especially well-suited to the requirements of machines between three and eight metric tons. It is characterized by consistent performance at low speeds and a low level of operating noise. The MCR-X ideally complements the redesigned Rexroth LUDV system, and presents an attractive alternative to the slewing drives currently available on the market. The Bosch Rexroth product spectrum is completed by specially developed control levers, handles, and pedals that make it possible to exploit the full performance potential of excavators of up to twelve tons.