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Hydraulic Fly Wheel HFW is offered in two versions

In mobile machines with infrequent travel cycles HFW can temporarily store unused drive power from the diesel engine and then return it to the drive train for smoothing power peaks. This improves the dynamics of the machine while increasing productivity; it also prevents parallel power peaks and thereby assists in operating point optimization of the diesel engine.

In mobile machines with frequent travel cycles and cyclically repeating drive movements the recovery of braking energy is often of greater importance. Here the Hydraulic Fly Wheel assists the machines in several respects. On one hand HFW generates additional drag torque during overrun mode. This effectively protects the combustion engine from over-revving while at the same time storing kinetic energy of the machine. On the other hand it returns this stored energy to the drive train. This reduces the burden on the diesel engine, lowers fuel consumption and reduces exhaust gas emissions – all with optimized machine dynamics.