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Proven components used with the hydrostatic travel drive

Hydraulic Fly Wheel HFW is a separate hydraulic system and always operates in the open circuit. It consists of proven Rexroth components (axial piston pump, control block, hydraulic accumulator, BODAS controller) and with basic machine components such as tank, filtering and cooling has a connection to the hydrostatic travel drive or to the working hydraulics. Through the use of A10VO and A11VO open circuit pumps, which can swivel over zero, it is a simple matter to change from pump to motor operation while maintaining the direction of rotation. This means HFW is able to change the flow direction even in the open circuit. This system along with the control logic are unique and patented by Rexroth.

No lost energy with HFW

Hydraulic Fly Wheel HFW thus makes it possible to take in energy and make it available to the equipment as needed at a later time. First the axial piston unit picks up torque at the combustion engine shaft. The hydraulic oil flow generated is fed to an accumulator. This stored energy is then unloaded by reversing the oil flow and using the axial piston unit, which is now operating as a motor, to convert the energy into drive torque and release it to the combustion engine shaft. The electronic controller regulates the flow rate of the axial piston unit such that during both charging and recovery an individually set torque is applied to the drive shaft.