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Customer benefits


The benefits of hydrostatic fan drive systems at a glance

  • Compliance with exhaust emission regulations
    (EURO 4/5/6, TIER4, US10, Stage IV ...)
  • Optimum control quality of all temperatures
  • Measuring and weighting of many operating parameters
  • Reduction in noise emissions
  • Significant reduction in operating costs up to 5 percent
  • Long lasting Rexroth components
  • System efficiency more effective compared to other fan drive technologies
  • Steplessly variable fan speed independent of combustion engine speed
  • High fan power at low combustion engine speed
  • Reversing and fan standstill option
  • Flexible device arrangement
  • Small- and space-saving components
  • Splitting of the cooler package
  • Cooling on demand: Demand-based regulation of cooling power and,
    thus, reduced fuel consumption
  • Additional fuel savings with fan standstill option