The new Shift on Fly shifting concept enables the operator to change gears while moving without having to have selected the travel range beforehand. This was accomplished by modifying a 2-gear standstill transmission by adding a synchro component.


Required components:

  • A4VG variable pump and A6VM variable motor: Higher power density due to increased pressure up to 500 bar
  • SOF transmission: Compact design for small footprint
  • BODAS hard- and software components for Shift On Fly: Flexible due to modular construction of the BODAS system.



Features of the respective system versions:

Shift On Fly with speed-based hydromechanical pump adjustment (DA):

  • The BODAS Electronics system with sensors and AGS (Automatic Gear Shifting) software are responsible for controlling the transmission


Shift On Fly with electrically controlled pump adjustment (EV):

  • The system is expanded to include the full-electronic travel drive, possible by means of the BODAS Electronics system modular design
  • Electronics makes it possible to directly affect the acceleration response and maximum speed, thereby allowing optimal and reliable adjustment of the overall driver response


Shift On Fly with automatic mode:

  • Fully automatic gear shifting
  • Uses the actual drive conditions and driver intention to automatically determine the optimal shift characteristics
  • Individual adaptation of the automatic shift characteristics for each machine