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Applications of Sytronix hydraulic systems

Open and closed-loop axis control

  • For closed hydraulic circuits, Sytronix SvP servo-variable pump drives with high dynamics and comprehensive electrical and electrohydraulic control options are the perfect fit. In open hydraulic circuits, the Sytronix DFE system sets including pumps with a pressure/flow (p/Q) control are an alternative. They are another addition to the performance portfolio and are also suitable for machines with multiple hydraulic circuits.
  • In cascading systems, multiple Sytronix systems work together to efficiently generate the required flow rate based on actual demand.

Constant pressure systems

  • For constant pressure systems, the cost-efficient Sytronix FcP drives with frequency-controlled asynchronous motors are intended for standard applications up to 90 kW.
  • After deciding on the most suitable product family using the selection guide, you can choose among preconfigured Sytronix sets FcP, SvP and DFE the appropriate drive solution that perfectly fulfills your requirements. If a special set is not available, Bosch Rexroth will help you to create your individual solution.


The optimum solution for any requirement

Bosxrh Rexroth Sytronix is the optimum solution for any requirement

Sytronix Applications