Plastic Machines

Example of plastics machines: Higher dynamics with reduced energy consumption

Integrated automation, higher dynamics, and a high degree of accuracy: Servo variable pump drives combine the ability for highest performance with clearly lower energy consumption and noise emissions in plastics machinery. Sytronix DFEn 5000 builds on the proven DFE control system, and reduces the losses caused by pressure locking during break times and with partial-load operations.

Plastic Machine

Through an acceleration of axes twice as fast (compared to variable pumps), Sytronix SvP 7000 increases the dynamics of plastics machines, and thus shortens the cycle times for higher productivity.

The digital pressure control provides a higher repeat accuracy and a stable zero point. Pressure dependent leakage losses are compensated. Within the pressure control, very short pressure change periods are possible, depending on the available oil volume. The high dynamics range and the ingenious control concept enable very precise controls. The precise control minimizes overshoots and undershoots. In addition, a special function avoids cavitations when starting to lower the pressure.


Plastic Machines

Besides Sytronix SvP 7000, a Sytronix DFEn 5000 can also be used for plastics machines with medium requirements as far as the dynamics are concerned. It offers an optimal price-performance ratio particularly with higher performances and long pressure lock periods. They are also very suitable as an energy-saving option for machines with an already existing DFEE system.

In addition, Sytronix SvP 7000 and DFEn 5000 reduce the heat introduction into the oil, and significantly reduce medium noise emission. This reduces the constructional effort for secondary noise reduction. With energy savings of up to 80% and a higher performance, the Sytronix variable-speed pump drives pay quickly for itself.



Sytronix in plastic machines