Example of presses: Always the most effective solution

Whether for the energy-efficient generation of pressure or as a control element in two- or four-quadrant operation: The scalable Sytronix systems provide significantly increased energy efficiency and a continuous press automation.


The Sytronix speed variable pump drives blend seamlessly into the press automation through open interfaces to all common field buses and real-time Ethernet protocols. In the simplest form, a Sytronix FcP 5000 economically creates the volume flow rate that meets the demand. By doing so, all proven hydraulic safety circuits remain unchanged. In a medium development phase, the Sytronix DFEn 5000 pump drive additionally takes over intelligent axis functions. In the highest development phase, the Sytronix SvP 7000 achieves extremely high dynamics and precision.

The innovative Sytronix drive concept combines the positive characteristics of electric and hydraulic drive technologies. It opens a higher degree of freedom for flexible and effective solutions through functional integration of dynamic volume and pressure control as well as the rules of dynamic processes, positions, and pressures.


In addition to energy savings by means of speed control, Sytronix speed variable pump drives improve the efficiency through elimination of throttle losses to the control edges, the precise dosage of the necessary oil quantity, and they turn off the electric motor if the process requires no flow or no pressure function.

Particularly for retrofit of existing presses, the use of Sytronix can greatly improve the efficiency of the facility, and significantly reduce energy costs and the noise level at the same time.


Sytronix in presses: