Wood and paper

Constant pressure system (> 7.5kW) e.g. in wood and paper processing

From the fully automatic sawing outline to winding of the finished paper web: Sytronix variable-speed pump drives are also suitable for harsh environmental conditions and continuous processes.

Wood and paper

Sytronix variable-speed pump drives yield particularly high energy-efficiency gains in the continuous processes of paper production. Pressure lock functions dominate when winding. Intelligently lowered speed saves directly up to 60% power, compared to power units with unregulated constant engines. At the same time, Sytronix speed variable pump drives reach higher speeds with less building volume and reduce the cooling performance requirements. – The result: Significantly reduced operating costs and reduced space necessity in the building.

In non-cyclical wood processing, the users reach significant savings, especially with Sytronix DFEn 5000. For example: saw operation. No tree is like the other, and a large number of drives in fully automatic lines flexibly adjusts to the respective dimensions. At a constant pressure, the process requires a constantly changing volume flow, which is adequately provided by Sytronix speed variable pump drives. During production breaks, the integrated software lowers the speed even down to the zero lift without any restrictions to the operating pressure. Sytronix has the robustness and power density of hydraulics and connects it with the flexibility of electrical drives.


Sytronix in wood and paper processing machines: