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Operating principle

Example: Variable rotation speed & variable displacement pump


The Sytronix variable-speed pump drives are a true innovation in hydraulic systems.

With this approach, Rexroth replaces the classic proportional valve technology through a drive system based on a motor pump unit with high functionality and power density.

Depending on the system, the Sytronix variable-speed pump drive consists essentially of a unit equipped with frequency converter and control electronics, a standard or servo electric motor, and a hydraulic pump.

The flow rate of the system results from the drive speed of the electric motor and the pump adjustment. The machine control transfers the pressure/volume flow target values to the control during the running operation. The system pressure is measured by a pressure transducer and is also sent to the controller. Based on the control deviation, the built-in PID controller calculates the required motor speed and adapts it accordingly to the existing system requirements of flow rate and pressure.