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Hydraulics systems products and solutions

Diagram of the Sytronix products

Always the right Sytronix system

Rexroth offers variable-speed pump drives in three performance classes:

Basic dynamic

Sytronix FcP – frequency-controlled pump drive

FcP systems are suitable for standard applications for constant pressure control in an open hydraulic circuit up to 90 kW. Machine tools are a typical application.

High dynamic

Sytronix SvP – servo variable pump drive

SvP systems use the high dynamics of synchronous motors and achieve considerable energy savings. They are suitable for axis control tasks in both open and closed hydraulic circuits requiring high dynamics in addition to comprehensive electrical and electrohydraulic control options. Applications include plastics processing machines and presses.

High power & dynamic

Sytronix DFE – variable-speed drive with additional pressure and flow rate controller on the pump

Particularly in high performance areas, DFE systems ensure an excellent price-performance ratio by using variable pumps and are especially suitable for retrofitting existing drives. In addition, they can also be used for axis control tasks with high effective performance in an open hydraulic circuit, as well as for machines with multiple hydraulic circuits.