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Sytronix FcP - Frequency-Controlled Pump Drive

A pressure control is implemented in the frequency converter which receives an external pressure target value from the higher-level machine control. The actual pressure value is measured by a pressure sensor and is read by the pressure control.

Sytronix FcP

When a hydraulic consumer (e.g. cylinder for clamping function in machine tools) decreases a volumetric flow the system pressure also drops. In order to compensate for the pressure drop, the pressure control increases the speed of the asynchronous motor via the frequency converter, which drives the pump. This increases the delivery volume of the pump, and the volumetric flow is provided based on need.

Sytronix FcP replaces the function of a classic variable pump. The energy efficient Sytronix FcP variable speed drive is suitable for use in constant pressure systems (e.g. machine tools). Additional features like "Safety on Board", pump protection, condition monitoring etc., as well as multi-ethernet communication are available with the IndraDrive servo controller family.