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Sytronix SvP - Servo Variable-Speed Pump Drive

The system has an internal gear or axial piston pump and speed and delivery volume of the pump result in the delivered volumetric flow. A pressure transducer records the hydraulic pressure which is controlled by special software in the frequency converter. Here, the pressure control has a limiting effect on the pump speed. The used pumps are particularly optimized for variable speed operations, produce low leakage at high overall efficiency, and generate low noise.

Sytronix SvP Servo Variable-Speed Pump Drive

Required expected and actual values for pressure and quantity can be exchanged with the higher-level machine control via analogue signals (0 - 10V) or field bus.

The SvP control system can be used within the open hydraulic circuit for pressure and flow control and positioning.

The system can also operate in closed hydraulic circuits.

SvP is based on the high performance servo controller family IndraDrive which comes along with additional features like "Safety on Board", pump protection, condition monitoring etc. as well as multi-ethernet communication.


Axial piston pump for 4-quadrant operation (e.g. position control) and internal gear pump for 2-quadrant operation (open hydraulic circulation under pressure).

Axial piston pump for 4-quadrant operation