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Among the Sytronix Variable Speed Pump Drives, Sytronix SvP 7000 offers the highest performance as far as dynamics and control accuracy are concerned. The system is suitable for use in open but also closed hydraulic systems. This way, the widest spectrum of control and power functionality is possible, ranging from pressure and force control to volume flow and speed control, and to positioning and alternating control.

With a power spectrum of up to a maximum of 60kW the system is suited e.g. for use in die casting machines and presses.

Your Benefits

  • High energy savings, reduced operational cost.

    Depending on the cycle characteristics of the application, Rexroth's Sytronix SvP 7000 system produce energy savings of 30% to 80%. Lower power consumption leads to lower energy costs and CO2 emissions and allows companies to reduce their "carbon footprints".

Reduced noise level and less effort for secondary measures

  • There will be less noise with partial-load operation, thanks to needs-based reduction of the pump speed. The result: noise level reduction by 20 dB(A), which reduces the necessity for secondary measures for sound insulation.

Reduced noise level and less effort for secondary measures

  • In many cases, no further actions will be necessary to cool the hydraulic power unit because the energy influx into the hydraulic fluid is greatly reduced due to the lower speed.

Compact designed space

  • Lower cooling costs allow for a more compact design, which also reduces the system's complexity and acquisition costs.

Increased machine performance, downsizing

  • Shorter response times of the volume flow control and an efficient pressure control provide high dynamics and repeatability. A temporary speed boost increases the delivery volume and thus the peak performance. Under certain circumstances, the engineer might be able to cope with smaller design sizes.

Less installation and start-up expenditures

  • Pre-configured engine pump units, component parameters that are coordinated with each other, and easy-to-use project software allow for a clear system overview with relatively short installation and start-up times.

High machine availability

  • Sytronix SvP 7000 variable speed pump drives are based on optimally coordinated and proven hydraulic and electric standard parts of high availability.

Future-proof technology

  • Rexroth's Sytronix variable speed pump drives comply with EC Directive No. 640/2009.

Easy integration of flexible control functions

  • Costly machinery breakdowns can be avoided through advanced diagnostics and condition monitoring options.