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Condition Monitoring


Intervening at the correct spot with condition monitoring

Technical progress in software is making the transfer from preventive maintenance to maintenance based on machine condition a possibility for more and more machine types.

Condition monitoring constantly measures wear and reports the need for replacement when critical limits are reached. Scheduled, on-time replacement reduces the risk of machine stoppages and so increases machine availability. At the same time this approach lowers maintenance costs since only actually worn components are replaced.

Our services

  • Planning and system setup
  • Implementation of required hardware and software measures during installation and commissioning
  • In-depth training for operators
  • Compilation of a status report of the plants monitored incl. maintenance recommendations
  • Tailored service contracts to meet customer needs

Your benefits

  • Maximum availability due to elimination of breakdowns
  • Cost savings by condition-oriented maintenance
  • Higher productivity by consistently high quality in all production steps