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Services for Locks


360 degree inspection of your system

With locks and weirs, maximum uptime and long service life are critical for smooth traffic. As the global leader for hydraulic equipment for locks and weirs, Rexroth offers custom support over the entire life cycle to you.

Decide for yourself how Rexroth can best support you. Experienced service technicians from your region will inspect your entire system, including power units and cylinders. They will then recommend a service package tailored to your systems and on your time schedule. You can select each module individually, agree on defined response times should service be necessary or order a maintenance contract for the entire system.

Our services

  • Competent inspection by experienced technicians
  • Defined scope of services according to manufacturer's recommendation
  • Guaranteed use of original spare parts
  • Fixed price for service
  • Identification of sources of problems, such as wear and defects
  • Recommendations for maintenance measures

Your benefits

  • Maximum availability because of realization of maintenance measures during planned periods of downtime in shipping traffic
  • Maximum operational reliability by in time localization of sources of problems or defects
  • Lower maintenance costs due to reduction of unplanned repairs which mainly have to take place under high time pressure