Gearbox Exchange Pool

Gearbox Exchange Pool


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Our exchange gearboxes - available to you

Since the mid 1980s (then known as Lohmann & Stolterfoht or ‘L&S’), we have provided more than 18,000 gearboxes for wind turbines to leading OEMs. For most of our gearboxes, we offer "off the shelf" exchange units. Wind farm operators benefit from short downtimes.


Gearbox pool

Quantity Gearbox Type Hz Gearbox Ratio Wind Turbine Condition Availability
3x GPV 305 50 Hz i=61,7 Vestas V52 reman on stock
7x GPV 306 50 Hz i=61,92 Vestas V52 new on stock
1x GPV 306 50 Hz i=61,92 Vestas V52 reman on request
1x GPV 441 50 Hz i=100,33 Vestas V80 reman on stock
3x GPV 441 50 Hz i=92,15 Vestas V80 reman on request
2x GPV 442 50 Hz i=100,54 Vestas V80 new on stock
2x GPV 451 50 Hz i=88,8 GE 1,5SL reman on stock
1x GPV 451 50 Hz i=97,7 GE 1,5SL reman on stock
3x GPV 453 60 Hz i=78,02 GE 1.5 SLE new on stock
1x GPV 500 50 Hz i=100,15 GE 2.x reman on stock

Further gearboxes on request


Trade-in of used gearboxes

Upon purchase of a Rexroth exchange pool gearbox we trade-in your used gearbox after evaluation of its condition.

You preventively exchanged your used gearbox and want a repair?