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Energy Efficiency


Higher energy efficiency with maximum productivity

Rising energy costs and the worldwide growth in sensitivity on the topic of climate protection have brought the subject of energy efficiency to the continuous attention of corporations and consumers. Rexroth energy efficiency consultants analyze the actual situation on site and identify potential savings along the entire value-added chain. Specialists then derive the best measures for you to reduce consumption and submit them together with feasibility calculations. Other than with pure consulting firms, Rexroth assumes the practical implementation of the measures defined, in addition to full-coverage service – and including performance assessment.

Rexroth supports industrial corporations from all industries to significantly raise the energy efficiency of your installed production lines and factories. They achieve this along the entire value-added chain by systematic energy efficiency consultation and practical implementation. Using Rexroth 4EE (for Energy Efficiency), Rexroth acts using universal systematic methods which are based on four levers: "Efficient Components", "Energy Recovery", "Energy on Demand", and "Energy System Design“.

Our services

  • Consulting by energy efficiency specialists
  • Analysis of entire system
  • Identification of customer specific energy saving potential
  • Accompaniment of implementation of measures

Your benefits

  • Transparency through professional, comprehensive consulting by Rexroth including an assessment of potential
  • Cost advantages due to energy savings
  • Carefreeness by entering into partnership with Rexroth, from analysis through to implementation