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Retrofit Program RAC


Minimize the risk of failure

The drives in the Indramat RAC series have been delivering service-proven operation for more than twenty years now, but the risk of failure is now increasing. That is why Rexroth Service is offering quick and economical solutions in the form of the retrofit program RAC.

Simply let Rexroth Service know the type key for your RAC drive, along with the other Bosch and Indramat products installed in your machine or plant. For 90 percent of all application scenarios we have defined standard retrofit kits based on the latest IndraDrive series. Just one in ten installed drives varies from the standard. In these cases the Rexroth service specialists analyze your RAC drives on-site and quickly configure a custom-tailored solution.

Our services

  • Mechanical removal and installation of the drive motor
  • Installation of motor and feedback cables
  • Fitting and installation of new drive technology in the control cabinet
  • Commissioning
  • Drive technology optimization
  • Documentation
  • Circuit diagram updating
  • Technical support

Your benefits

  • Maximum system availability by replacement of an old product by the latest drive technology
  • Easy changeover to a functionally compatible successor solution by definition of standard retrofit kits
  • Rexroth as your partner for all service questions with a comprehensive range of services