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Tightening Machine Capability


Machine capability evaluation for tightening systems

Directive VDI/VDE 2645 stipulates that tightening systems for safety-related screw or bolt joints must be subjected to a machine capability evaluation once a year or after one million tightening cycles. Rexroth assumes evaluation work and supplies replacement spindles in advance. This guarantees maximum plant availability. You can then comply with regulations and maintain maximum plant availability.

Competence, safety and quality: Rexroth’s field and repair service offers you appropriate tests at fixed prices. We support you with technical expertise and most advanced measuring equipment and guarantee a complete, traceable documentation. There are system-related or spindle-related machine capability studies performed.

Short-time dispersion: By determining the spindle-and system-related short time spreading meet the burden of proof according to ISO/TS 16949 and VDA6.1/DIN EN ISO 9001.

Ensure quality: By qualified setting control limits secure joining processes and close process control loops.

Independent measurement: With DKD recirculated counter measuring equipment perform process-independent measurement.

Review periods: We recommend regular, time-or quantity-dependent review.

Our services

  • Machine capability according to VDI/VDE 2645
  • Spindle-related machine capability - Spindle first
  • System-related machine capability
  • Investigation "on-site" or "in-house"
  • Fixed prices
  • Professional recording, evaluation and documentation of the measured values with all relevant parameters

Your benefits

  • Maximum system availability due to minimization of breakdowns
  • Ensured reproducible tightening quality because of regular inspections and maintenance
  • Ease in doing business thanks to processes handled by Rexroth and fixed prices