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SP Replacement Program


Make the switch to the Hägglunds SP Pump series

Hägglunds heavy-duty drives have proven themselves in tens of thousands of applications worldwide as being extremely robust, and when properly serviced they guarantee maximum uptime and a service life spanning decades.

Global Service from Rexroth accompanies these systems with local specialists thus ensuring maximum availability of the Hägglunds spare parts and services.

We have delivered many Hägglunds Drive systems in the past with third-party pumps installed, and when you now need a replacement or modernization we make it easier for you to switch to the Hägglunds SP series pumps from Rexroth. You can therefore secure the serviceability of your Hägglunds Drive systems and reduce risk over the entire life cycle when our experienced hydraulic specialists overhaul your equipment.

Your benefits

  • Maximum equipment availability without big expenses due to replacement of wear parts
  • Reduced risk for your expensive manufacturing equipment due to provided warranty
  • One service partner with deep production knowledge and support for whole system

Our services

  • Installing Hägglunds SP series pumps at your location
  • Overhaul of the entire power unit
  • 3 years warranty for replacement kit