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To satisfy the urgent needs of our customers, Bosch Rexroth currently maintains a staff of over 25 field technicians in strategic locations throughout the United States and Canada.

From the design and fabrication of a new hydraulic system, our service department is on the job, getting involved in the installation, start-up, and fine-tuning of the complete control system. Similarly, our in-field service department offers complete evaluation and diagnostic services. Our technicians can teach our customers on rebuild procedures for intricate components such as servo valves and variable displacement pumps and motors.

They can also offer sound advice regarding preventative maintenance practices. As manufacturers of hydraulic equipment, we know best how to maintain our components and systems. Hydraulic plants and systems need maintenance at the right, not the critical time. Regular maintenance is the key to higher productivity. It keeps downtime due to machine failures to a minimum, assures that the production process runs smoothly, and thus reduces expensive stoppages due to large-scale repair.

Our service technicians create plant-specific checklists and update them continuously. This provides a continual record of the plant's condition and allows system settings to be checked and optimized throughout the life span of the plant.

Bosch Rexroth is ready to service all the needs of our customers and their machinery. Our service personnel are based in close proximity to major airports, which allows us to respond to emergencies without delay. As you can see, there is much more built into the Bosch Rexroth in-field service program than just the ability to repair defective components and systems.

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