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Modernization and Retrofit


A second life with full productivity

With cross-technology expertise and proven industry experience, Around our products Rexroth assumes responsibility for modernization and retrofits. We coordinates all the required work and carry it out on site. A service-proven project management system ensures that everything is within budget and on schedule.

Older plants can be brought up to the latest state-of-the-art in technology if completely modernized. The analysis, project planning and implementation of the modernization work is undertaken by experienced specialists at Rexroth. In-depth advice on appropriate measures is followed by customer-specific engineering for the machine overhaul. Rexroth specialists replace the affected components and systems with a modern drive and control solution. And what is particularly important: retaining an overview of the system as a whole. This ensures that even older plants can be given a second life and deliver top performance.

Your benefits

  • Transparency thanks to in-depth professional advice from Rexroth, including an assessment of potential
  • One point of contact: From analysis through to project planning and implementation
  • Increased efficiency as a result of the conversion of the machine.


Our services

  • Analysis, project planning, and implementation of the modernization work
  • Customized-specific engineering for machine overhaul
  • Replacement of affected components and systems with a modern drive and control solution, followed by installation and