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Service Agreements


For safer processes and improved productivity

The bigger the economic consequences of a downtime, the higher the priority given by users to maximum system uptime and preventive checks on critical conditions. Should malfunctions occur nonetheless, what counts is that the system works again as quickly as possible. Where Rexroth offers you support in the form of user-specific service agreements.

Preventive Maintenance Agreements increase system availability, because the hydraulic systems from Rexroth which have been installed are regularly inspected by specialists. They are therefore able to identify critical conditions before shutdown point is reached and arrange for maintenance or repair work on a planned basis. Rexroth also offers standby agreements in which provisions are made for experienced service engineers to get started on troubleshooting and fault resolution on site within predefined periods of time. This reduces downtimes, because responsive support is guaranteed around the clock. Spare parts management agreements enable them to be sure of spare parts that are properly stored and then delivered within predefined times. Their costs are predictable and downtimes minimized as a result. Performance Agreements for Hägglunds are configured to the specific requirements of this very special surrounding.

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Your benefits

- Maximum equipment availability owing to individual service packages with priority service tailored to customer needs

- Carefreeness by entering into partnership with Rexroth

- Security from unscheduled costs by covering with a contract