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Oil Analysis


Secure power and performance through professional control

For many large plants, for example, the condition of the hydraulic oil plays a critical role. Dirty fluids compromise the effective working condition of the hydraulic circuit as a whole and can lead to damage. On the other hand, fluid preparation based on the results of an individual oil analysis by Rexroth can significantly extend the usage period of the fluids. You can thus protect their plants and reduce their operating costs.

Our services

  • VacuClean® oil maintenance system – Unit for conditioning and cleaning mineral-based hydraulic oil on the bypass
  • Off-line filter systems – Portable oil maintenance system, with 2 or 4 wheels
  • Filters – Reversible line, tank attachment, duplex filters, block mounting filters, filters for mobile hydraulics and processing systems
  • Filter elements – Made from paper, metal mesh, or high performance glass-fiber media
  • Maintenance contracts – We‘ll make you a customized offer to economically ensure and improve your equipment availability
  • Fitness check – We‘ll check the status and performance of your equipment
  • Technical support for developing filter concepts

Your benefits

  • Obtain pertinent information about the status of your plants
  • Determine the downtimes of your machines
  • Discover potential future damage early on
  • Avoid expensive repairs by having your oil analyzed on a regular basis
  • Change your oil at the optimal time
  • Help the environment by producing less waste oil